Gate Fresh App


The application will address two primary types of users –
1. Consumers: The application will allow consumers to order food at the airports. This will enable them to pre-order food from their favorite outlet inside the airport. The key benefits for the consumer would be –
a)Save time – they can pre-order food before arriving at the airport so that it is ready for them to pick up as soon as they arrive and head for their flight. This will avoid them waiting in line while the food is being prepared.
b)Provide more choices – consumers can see all the restaurants available within their terminal so that they can choose the best food that fits their taste and liking.
c)Save money – Access any specials or a coupon offered by the food vendors in one location so that they can order food that meets their needs.
Food Vendors: The application will allow the vendors to receive food orders and track the workflow in real time.

Key benefits for the vendors include –
a)More revenue – During high traffic times, capture patrons that could have gone somewhere else seeing long lines. Ability to reach out to broader audience then those just passing in front of their outlet. Higher uptake will translate to higher revenue.
b)Drive awareness and marketing – Advertise on a digital platform, issue coupons and drive marketing.
c)Save costs – Receive a better estimate of the load based on preorders and so arrange to staff accordingly. The app will have payment platform integrated, so the vendors would not incur transaction cost.
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