Microsoft Azure

  • Azure cloud basic understanding.
  • Overview about azure services, Supported functionality, Roadmap of azure services.
  • Calculate and Cost saving on azure cloud.
  • Benefits of azure cloud service, SLA(Service Level Agreement) supported by azure.
  • Here Below list of azure Services on which provide depth level of understanding. Hands On experience as well use case scenario how to use and these services.

    As well we can provide them practice lab setup on which they can further discover. Reference material for further reference. Clear understanding of these concepts also help to earn azure certification.

Manage Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines
  • Identify workloads that can and cannot be deployed; run workloads including Microsoft and Linux; create and provision VMs including custom VM images; leverage Azure Reserved Instances (RIs).
  • Automate configuration management by using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) or VM Agent (custom script extensions); enable remote debugging; implement VM template variables to configure VMs.
  • Scale up and scale down VM sizes; implement Accelerated Networking; deploy ARM VM Scale Sets (VMSS); configure ARM VMSS auto-scale.
  • Use availability zones to protect from datacenter failures.
  • Create and manage custom images and formulas; configure a lab to include policies and procedures
Design and Implement a Storage and Data Strategy
  • Implement Azure Storage blobs and Azure Files.
  • Configure Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Implement Azure storage tables, queues, and Azure Cosmos DB Table AP.
  • Implement Azure SQL Database.
  • Implement Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Implement Redis caching.
  • Implement Azure Search.
Manage Identity, Application, and Network Services
  • Integrate an app with Azure Active Directory (AAD).
  • Design and implement a messaging strategy.
  • Develop apps that use AAD B2C and AAD B2B.
  • Manage secrets using Azure Key Vault.
Design and Implement Azure Compute, Web, and Mobile Services
  • Design Azure App Service Web Apps.
  • Implement Azure Functions and WebJobs.
  • Implement API Management.
  • Design Azure App Service API Apps.
  • Develop Azure Logic Apps.
  • Develop Azure App Service Mobile Apps.