Heal Doc App


This application is specifically for patients to find doctors and remedy. This application promotes doctor to prescribe patients. Also this application helps medical stores to expand their business while delivering medicines to end-patients.
The main aim of the application is to serve patients with online medical facilities like an online appointment, online doctor consultation, online patient track record, online doctor rating and optional feature of medicines’ home delivery.
The patients who can’t travel to a doctor can directly consult with them through online doctor consultation feature provided in our application.
Patients can check the ratings of doctors and select the best doctor for themselves.
Some patient can’t invest a lot of time waiting in a long queue in doctor's clinic can use our application for an online appointment so our application solves them.
Some medical students who want to investigate the ingredients of the medicine and the proportion of the ingredient used can surf our application.
After a patient has consulted the doctor, the doctor will send the prescription to the patient online, and the user will have to decide that he wants online medicines or offline medicines.
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