Ayambil App
App aims to give some background information on ayambil tap, as per Jainism.
Also there are various ayambil shala across India, where one go to practice the Ayambil (one meal) Usually most of Ayambil Shala operates from 10 am to 1.30 pm daily. But at times, person can't reach on time, this app will enable him/her to Aymabil Shala that he/she will be late and Ayambil shala can try to keep some spare food.
This app wil also help Sanghs to get estimation of how many Aymabil tapasvi will come. App will allow someone to select the Sangh (Ayambil Shala) and register his plan to do ayambil in regular time ( till 1.30 pm) or after 1.30 pm
There are more features are planned and will be added over a period of time.
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