SPSS and Data Analytics

SPSS (an IBM Product) stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. SPSS is one of the most widely used and popular tools for data analytics, modelling and data visualization. Our course aims to provide hands-on SPSS training ranging from the foundations of statistics to SPSS environment setup and practical approaches to analyse large amounts of quantitative data and accurately carry out statistical analysis.

Who needs SPSS :

Survey companies, Market research firms, health researchers, governments across the world, University researchers, marketing firms, Business decision makers and data miners

  • What is Data Analytics ?
  • What is SPSS ?
  • History of SPSS and IBM
  • Familiar with SPSS environment
  • Review basic concepts in Statistics and practical
  • Overview Variables, Functions, Tables, Syntax, Data files
  • Using SPPS with graphs
  • Read data and define metadata
  • Selected case studies for analyses